About Us

Why are we doing this?

The medical retail industry has not changed much since decades ago despite revolutionary disruptions in other domains. The slowness of improvements in the industry contributes to inefficiencies, which in turn are responsible to cause inflation and affordability issues.

Besides these, accessibility to obtain convenient, quality and affordable medical services/products is a key issue to address. Many areas are still underserved, not assisted and not complemented by adaptive technologies for better delivery of services and decision- making by both the consumers and business operators.


The Founders of Health Estate aims to democratise the Healthcare and Medical Industry by embracing Technology in all aspects of Business.

Consumers would be empowered to enjoy cost-efficient, affordable and accessible medical services and products with seamless shopping experience; while business operators utilize technologies to make better business decisions, reduces wastage and maximize profitability.


We aim to offer accessible, affordable, innovative and intelligent healthcare products and services to society, starting from the retail pharmacy industry. We envisage to expand regionally and provide the aforementioned to the underserved SEA populations in 5-years time.