DNA Genetic Testing and Analytics

Our smart pharmacy chain shall also introduce its own affordable public DNA screening programs (also known as Genetic testing), enabling the consumers to perform their very own DNA profiling and archiving with the secured electronic medical record (EMR) system at minimal cost (or no cost). This DNA/genomics project is vital in helping both consumers and retailer to thoroughly understand medical needs, and could potentially materialize affordable personalized healthcare to improve consumer satisfaction.

At the backend, the vertically-deep systems shall enable analyses of real-time data for vast biomedical insights that requires dealing with tremendous scale and complexity, as well as dealing with potential privacy concerns. Big data harvested is aligned and analysed by our proprietary A.I. and data analytics system, operated by the Data Scientists,

to ultimately provide best value to beneficiaries and stakeholders of modern healthcare, i.e. the consumers and retailers. Moreover, the clinical and non-clinical data gathered provides promising leads and enticing revenue models derived from targeted ads.